When an individual applies for a visa, to either come to the United States or remain in the country, they will be required to apply for a visa. There will be detailed requirements and rules in the application process, and while there are different classifications of visas, each has its own specific regulations and some that are similar. One of the rules that is the same for all visas is the fact that along with the application, there will be the need for supporting documents. These documents differ to fit the type of visa being applied for, such as the investor visa will require financial documentation, while the non-immigration worker’s visa will require the employer filing a Form I-129, prior to the applicant applying for a visa. When a potential employer or a family member has immigration lawyer questions, the immigration lawyer North Dakota, will be able to provide the legal experience to assist.


The documents are a crucial part of the immigration visa process, whether it is for a permanent resident visa, or if it is for a non-immigration visa. When the suitable documents are not submitted in the application package, it will mean the visa will be denied. The USCIS will respond with a reason for the denial and when it is improper documentation, until the proper documents are supplied the visa will not be approved. This will take an extended amount of time, so it is important to submit the application early. The passport should have an end date of at least six months after the visa or trip to the United States will end.

Any type of error in the submission of the application and documentation can hold up the visa being approved for even longer. This is due to having to resubmit documents that will add to the original application package and will be required to be reviewed by an immigration officer. This can be overwhelming and consulting the North Dakota immigration attorney can resolve any questions or USCIS issues. One of the first things they will advise is to follow all the rules for applying for the type of visa that fits the applicant’s needs for entering the United States and to ensure their passport date has at least six months for the expiration date for the length of the visa. This is so, the passport will not expire prior to the visa, and because it will take an extended amount of time for the visa process to be completed, and the visa issued. Having the right information about the visa application process, the renewal or employer USCIS visa processes can be overwhelming in some cases, without having legal advice.

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