North Dakota is located in the Midwestern region of the United States and is situated, along the Canadian border states of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This is the 19th largest state, but is also listed as the 3rd least populated. The population in July 2011 was estimated to be 683,932 people residing within the state and according to census data, the growth in population has fluctuated slightly during the past seven years. The one thing that has not fluctuated is the amount of North Dakota immigration attorneys, there is a shortage of local lawyers who practice immigration law. This is not a problem, since there is the Montana immigration lawyer, who is able to assist with any type of immigration problems, renewals or extensions.

Most of North Dakota is of Northern European decent, and the breakdown includes German, Irish, Norwegian, English, French and Russian. There is a percentage of Asian residents and American Indian’s in the state. Agriculture was one of the earliest industries and is one of the largest today, with oilseeds, canola, flax seeds, sunflower and mustard seeds. Soybeans are a major crop in the eastern and southeastern part of the state, and they are the largest producer of sugar beets, honey, peas, beans and lentils. This is the most rural state, with farms covering over 90 percent of the land. The state has coal and oil reserves, they produce shale gas and lignite coal is used to generate electricity consumed and also for neighboring states.


North Dakota has Hector International Airport (FAR) in Fargo, Grand Forks International Airport (GFK), Minot International Airport (MOT) and Bismark Municipal Airport (BIS). Fargo is the largest city in the state, followed by Bismark, which is also the capitol, then Grand Forks and Williston. There are numerous universities, including the North Dakota State College of Science and Trinity Bible College. There are many sites to visit in the state, including historical sites like Knife River Indian Villages in Stanton, Fort Union Trading Post near Williston, Theodor Roosevelt National Park and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. One of the fun things to attend is the Grand Forks Potato Bowl, USA that is held every year and features the world’s largest French fry feed.

The state motto is “liberty and union, now and forever: one and inseparable,” which is a perfect motto for the permanent resident green card holder, who has decided to make North Dakota their home. According to Cambridge University, it has also been ranked the friendliest state in the United States and ranks number one, for the safest state to live in.


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